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At the Law Office of Kristine M. Borgia, I am committed to helping individuals and families as they plan for the expected, and manage the unexpected. My work usually begins in estate and trust planning, or in Probate as we administer an estate or trust. Estate planning for individuals and married couples can be as simple as establishing how a home and assets are to be shared during life and then passed to beneficiaries, or as complex as multiple trusts, business succession planning and special needs planning.

Estate Planning tools can include:

Probate is the court that oversees the distribution of assets and retirement of liabilities once someone has passed. If there is a will, it must pass through probate. Trusts are administered separately and may or may not be required to pass through probate. If you are an executor or trustee you carry a substantial burden – you have personal, financial and fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities. Most people do not understand the burden of an executor. They have simply agreed out of love for the person who has asked, and the respect that accompanies that request. It is easy to become overwhelmed by all of the required reports, tax returns, marshalling of assets and disposal of property. If you are an executor or a trustee, the will or trust almost always provides for the payment of legal advice to help you through your tasks. I invite you to call me at (951) 784-0244 or email me at kristine@borgialawca.com to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. We will discuss the process, what is required of you and help to execute those responsibilities.

Business Formation, Contracts and Ongoing Operational Advisory Services

If you are starting a business, wish to expand to bring in additional investment or have become involved in a contract issue or dispute.

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If you or your family wish to plan for the future, or are recovering from an unexpected event I invite you to call me at 951-784-0244 or email me to schedule a free initial consultation. You will appreciate my responsive service and the genuine compassion and expertise I bring to your needs.