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The Legal Office of Kristine M Borgia is a professional law organization and one of the most experienced probate law offices in Orange County. When a person has organized their estate before death, a probate will be required to transfer assets from the decedent to the correct beneficiaries in many circumstances. We will be able to advise you if there is a method to avoid a full-blown probate proceeding by using a spousal property petition, small estate procedure, or affidavit.

In the Southern California courts, we handle all forms of probate cases. If the decedent left a Will, we would represent executors. We represent executors in circumstances where the decedent did not leave a Will. We can help with simple probate and non-probate transfers.

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California probate law is a complicated topic that, in practice, necessitates the assistance of an attorney. Whatever your probate issue, I will explain your alternatives and guide you through the process from beginning to end. As your lawyer, I handle everything from start to finish, including preparing all relevant documents and pleadings and ensuring that they are submitted to the appropriate California probate court. The final account and petition for distribution must be ready to conclude the estate. All essential hearings must get attended. (Clients are not present during the hearings.)

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