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Because the applicable rules are many and often complex, it is generally best to retain an experienced lawyer to manage probate procedures. The Law Office of Kristine Borgia can assist you in smoothly navigating the probate process, allowing you to reap its benefits — such as the elimination of creditors' claims against the decedent's property and the assurance that the property will pass to the rightful heirs (the beneficiaries) — while avoiding the potentially significant and costly errors made by less experienced probate attorneys.

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What is the process of probate?

When a California property owner passes away, a California court may be required to oversee the transfer of property ownership from the decedent's estate to the heirs, regardless of whether the individual left a will. Probate is the legal term for this procedure of oversight. Probate is usually required when a deceased possesses real estate and personal property (such as stocks, bonds, and bank accounts) worth more than $166,250 in California.

Probate should get avoided as much as feasible. Although California probate law allows for various strategies to avoid probate, there will be times when it is impossible to prevent it. The process must transfer the decedent's property ownership to the legal heirs.

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