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Individuals and families of various sizes and wealth levels can benefit from the estate planning services provided by the Kristine M. Borgia Law Corporation. Asset protection, wills, probate, trusts, and real estate transactions are among our services. Estate planning often entails a lot more than just writing a will. If you have assets worth more than the probate threshold, you should consult with an experienced Estate Lawyer Riverside CA about estate planning.

Your Estate Lawyer Riverside CA will be an expert in estate planning, wills, and trusts. The Kristine M. Borgia Law Corporation's Estate Lawyer Riverside CA has been assisting individuals and families from all walks of life with common-sense estate planning geared to safeguard their wealth and pass it on to beneficiaries and subsequent generations according to their intentions.

Estate Planning

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I have helped individuals with various backgrounds, ranging from judges and doctors to blue-collar workers and retired individuals.

Estate Planning Tools

Every estate plan is unique, but each plan tends to rely on the same types of tools. The individual tools you choose to include in your plan will each be responsible for meeting one or more of your specific goals or legal needs. An estate plan is a collection of tools that, when taken together, work to protect your interests. Here are several estate planning tools that you will likely need to create.

Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust is designed to work hand-in-hand with a last will and testament. When you create trust you give yourself the ability to more effectively, and efficiently, transfer inheritances to your family after you die. A properly funded, and properly administered, a revocable living trust can be one the most powerful estate planning tools in your arsenal.

Last Will and Testament

A last will and testament is the most basic, and one of the most essential, estate planning tools available to every capable adult in the state of California. Whether you are young, old, wealthy, married, a single parent, or anyone else, you absolutely must have a last will and testament. As time goes on in your desires change, you can update your will whenever you like. 

Health Care Directives

Should you find yourself in the position of not being able to make health-related decisions you will need health care directives to protect your wishes. Through these directives, you can choose a medical representative and state your medical choices in as much detail as you wish. As long as the directives comply with laws of California, your doctors will be legally obligated to follow your instructions.

Financial Powers of Attorney

If your plan includes only a will, but no trust, a power of attorney will generally be used to manage your affairs while you are alive and are incapacitated.  A will does not take effect until your death.  In a trust-based plan, the trustee of your trust can take over the management of trust assets in the event of your incapacity.  In such cases, the power of attorney will be used for certain ancillary tasks as signing tax returns, communicating with companies.

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Ensure that your family's right to grieve is respected.

As previously stated, no one anticipates death, and no one relishes the thought of addressing death or anything associated with it. As an estate planning consultant in Riverside, I can provide you peace of mind that your affairs are in order, but I can also give the individuals who are the reason you're doing this in the first place — those who will survive you – some measure of comfort.

The last thing you want to do is add to their anxiety by forcing them to navigate California's convoluted probate system. When the time comes, the Kristine M. Borgia Law Corporation will work with your family and friends to keep them informed about what needs to be done, when it has to be done, and how things work.

Kristine Borgia will work with an estate planning lawyer to eliminate any hurdles that should get removed before the scenario occurs.

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At the Kristine M. Borgia Law Corporation, we give solid and intelligent guidance that spans foreign and local concerns across a broad variety of business and estate planning disciplines by taking the time to genuinely listen as well as advise.