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What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

If the death of a family member is caused by the careless or intentional acts of another person or corporation, California law entitles the personal representative of the deceased victim’s Estate or certain surviving family members to file a wrongful death lawsuit against any negligent parties. For this reason, following a death caused by an accident or violence, Trustees, Executors, or family members associated with the decedent or the deceased person’s Estate should look into the possibility of recovering on behalf of the Estate through a wrongful death claim.

According to the California Code of Civil Procedure, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed by the personal representative of the deceased individual’s estate on behalf of the heirs or by certain close relatives of the person whose death was caused by negligence or malicious conduct.

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Unfortunately, most at-fault individuals and corporations refuse to accept responsibility for causing a person’s death. In those situations, the survivors of the deceased person need a knowledgeable wrongful death attorney standing up for them. Kristine M. Borgia Law Corporation holds the individuals and corporations accountable for the harm they have caused.  Our record in wrongful death lawsuit cases includes a $5.7 million jury verdict in 2013.

The trial attorney, Kristine M. Borgia has helped family members in wrongful death lawsuit cases across California. We are here to help in the pursuit of fairness and justice for our clients who have been harmed by the irresponsible acts of others.

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Recover damages from a Wrongful Death Case

Damages in a wrongful death claim lawsuit are measured by the harm caused to the surviving loved ones by the loss of their loved ones. This does not include any damages related to harm caused directly to the deceased victim.

For example, the heirs may not recover compensation for medical bills incurred before their loved one died or the victim’s pain and suffering before he or she died. Those losses are recoverable by the victim’s estate through a survival action under the California survival statute.

If you have any type of case involving trusts, wills, or probate litigation in Riverside, California, your first call should be to the experienced attorneys at Borgia Law. We can advise you on your options and zealously represent you in court, so please call one of our offices today. 

Wrongful Death Claim

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